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Until the end of this crisis, I shall deliver training  focused on supporting my students, helping them to cope and so to support their loved ones in turn.

New 2020 Meditation Syllabus

New Syllabus

For the duration of the crisis, I have moved the Syllabus from covering a specific practice each week to teach the sort of Areas of Focus that will support my students through this adversity.

Basic and Standard Membership

In the 2020 Meditation Facebook Group and via email for Standard Members, I shall cover these topics:

  •    Stress
  •    Anxiety
  •    Relaxation
  •    Gratitude
  •    Sleep
  •    Mindfulness
  •    Resilience 

Advanced Training

For members of the Mindfulness-Based Resilience Facebook Group, I shall cover the following topics:

  •    Focus
  •    Calmness
  •    Worry
  •    Clarity
  •    Acceptance
  •    Impermanence
  •    Connection 

Course Content So Far


Introduction to Meditation

  • The Four Tens meditation
  • 4-6 breaths
  • Following the Breath
  • Counting the Breaths
  • The Self-Compassion Meditation

Introduction to Mindfulness

  • The meditation of no meditation for sound
  • Labelling the thoughts
  • De-stress meditation
  • The Compassion meditation


  • abelling the quality of thought
  • The Candle and the breath
  • The Body Scan
  • Managing Stress - The Relaxation Practices

Course Membership Options - Fully Refundable





  • Access to the 2020 Meditation Online Course Group (Running in the 2020 Meditation Facebook Group).
  • Weekly Private Live-Stream in the group focused on the Practice of the Week
  • In-group support to your questions in any posts or comments that you make.





Everything in the Basic Membership Plus These Additionals Benefits:

  • A weekly email containing:
    • Guidance for the Focus of the Week.
    • Exclusive Content.
    • Links to the content supporting it.
  • Email Support.





Everything you get from the Standard Membership Plus these exclusive benefits:

  • Full Access to The Exclusive Content.
  • Exclusive Access to the Mindfulness-Based Resilience Facebook Course Group.
  • Two 20-minute one-to-one Skype calls per month to provide guidance and support for your practices
  • Access to the Premium Weekly Interactive Live-Stream which we will run using Skype or a similar meeting app.
  • Guidance in navigating the hundreds of hours of online content on many platforms and much of which is hidden.

Joining Information

How To Join The Course

The Course runs in my Facebook Social Learning Groups and I accept payments through Patreon. You have two options to join the course.

  1. Apply to join the Facebook Course Group  and I shall forward you the Patreon subscription link. Once you have made the payment I shall approve your member request.
  2. Subscribe to your chosen membership tier on Patreon and I shall invite you directly into the group.

Note that all Course membership fees are fully refundable.

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