The 2020 Meditation Project Syllabus

Throughout 2020 online training and local training will be synchronised.

The focus of training will be on the Practice of the Week which will be taught as part of a set of monthly Themes that are designed to support the Practices.

You get to learn to meditate through guided meditations and you can also learn meditations, learn about meditation and learn how to meditate.

2020 Meditation Syllabus - A new practice each week in 2020


January - Meditation

  • Four Tens meditation
  • 4-6 breaths
  • Following the Breath
  • Counting the Breaths
  • Self-Compassion Meditation

February - Mindfulness

  • The meditation of no meditation for sound
  • Labelling the thoughts
  • De-stress meditation
  • Compassion meditation

March - Calmness

  • Labelling the quality of thought
  • The Candle and the breath
  • Box Breathing
  • Dzogchen clarity meditation

April - Relaxation

May - Focus

June - Clarity

July - Gratitude

August - Self-Compassion

September - Compassion

October - Acceptance

November - Impermanence

December - Connection

Practice of the Week for the next few weeks

These are the practices that will be taught locally and online.

Updated each month.

No upcoming events.

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