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The Walking Meditation and Mindful Walking Programme

The Programme

This is the central page for all the Walking Meditation and Mindful Walking Resources.

This is where you will find links to the podcasts, videos, and any other information supporting the Programme.

About the Programme

This Programme has been developed in response to requests from St Christopher's Hospice, and Dartford and Gravesend NHS Trust, to provide some resources for them to help during the pandemic and so I have combined these two requirements into this series.

For the NHS

This Programme will form the first part of a series of online training designed to help frontline workers cope with the stress resulting from the pandemic.

For St Christopher's Hospice

I'm also pleased to have been given the opportunity to work with St Christopher's Hospice on their step-up virtual challenge.

Because of the pandemic, this year's bluebell walk, which is one of St Christopher's biggest fundraisers has had to be canceled at a time when their services are needed more than ever.

St Christophers is running a virtual replacement fundraiser called Step Up for St Christophers which is a virtual challenge to supporters to do 5,000 steps a day. some are making this part of their daily exercise while others are doing it by being creative. One young man is getting his family playing football in the garden.

My contribution is some podcasts that people can listen to on their exercise walks which are the foundation of this programme.

About Walking Meditation and Mindful Walking

Being locked down has created a new recognition of the value of simply leaving our homes and walking down the streets that we may have walked down many times in the past without a thought, or of the exercise, we get around the house, in the garden, or taking the dog for a walk.

The crisis has created adversity for almost everyone. This can lead to stress, worry, and anxiety.

There are two practices that I have been using, and teaching, for a number of years. These practices can bring great benefits at zero cost. They are: Walking Meditation and Mindful Walking.

By practicing these ancient techniques, we can enhance the experience of walking and help to calm our busy minds, develop relaxation, and improve our focus.

How to Learn Walking Meditation and Mindful Walking

I shall teach these practices in a series of podcasts and online meditation classes over the course of the next few weeks that you can listen to easily on your devices and which will help you to make the most of your precious time out of your home, or in your garden, or just going about your daily activities.

I will make the podcasts available on my podcast channel '2020 meditation' and I will also post them on the step up for St Christopher's Facebook page.

There will be videos on the 2020 Meditation YouTube Channel explaining the practices.

There will be a podcast for each video so you can put in some earphones, plug in your device and practice as you walk.

I'm looking forward to making this new mindful journey with you all.

Robert Mitchell (Founder of 2020 Meditation)


Online Class 1. Walking Meditation & Mindful Walking

This a 45-minute class that was Live Streamed on the 2020 Meditation YouTube Channel.

The class consists of guidance and some meditations. 

You can listen to to prepare for your Walking Mediation.

Video Podcast 1. A Walking Meditation

This practice is the technique that I use when I do walking meditation.
It consists of cycling through these practices, focusing on our breath, focusing on our feet, and open awareness of our surroundings.

Online Class 2. Mindful Walking & Loving Kindness

The Foundations of Loving Kindness are Appreciation, Gratitude, and Compassion.

Much of this can be found on a Mindful Walk if we know where to look for it. This session explains that.

The Walking Meditation & Mindful Walking Podcasts

You can listen to the podcasts on this page or if you click the Share Icon (box with up-arrow), the podcast wil open in the podcast application of your choce.

A Walking Meditation - Walk And Listen

Mindful Walking - Introduction and Guided Walk

Mindful Walking - Guided Mindful Walk

There's More to Come

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