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2020 Meditation FAQ

Mindfulness and Meditation Explained

If you want a full and clear explanation of what mindfulness and meditation is, download our ‘Mindfulness and Meditation Explained’ PDF Guide that you can download onto your device and read at your leisure. The Guide has full definitions and references to sources of information about Mindfulness and Meditation.

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What is 2020 Meditation?

2020 Meditation is a new online meditation training project, starting now, that will run through 2020 and beyond.

The 2020 Meditation Project is the personal project of Robert Mitchell, the founder of Bromley Mindfulness.

To find out more about Robert and Bromley Mindfulness click the button below.

Just take me to the free online meditations

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When will the Online Course be available?

We plan to have an online meditation course that anyone can use by January 2020. Subscribe to our free Newsletter for more information.

Do you have any videos?

Bromley mindfulness has a YouTube Channel with some useful meditation and mindfulness videos on it. Click the button below to visit and remember to subscribe to the channel!

How do I find out more?

To learn more you can subscribe to our free Newsletter which will update you with all the latest information or contact us directly through the Contact Page

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