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About Robert

About Robert

I am Robert Mitchell. ​I teach Mindfulness-Based Resilience and Meditation through my personal brands of Bromley Mindfulness in London, England and online as 2020 Meditation.

I have been delivering Meditation, Mindfulness and Resilience training since I founded Bromley Mindfulness in 2013.

I teach the general public and organisations of all kinds, global, national and local.

Bromley Mindfulness is the most well-known and established mindfulness training practice in Bromley, Beckenham, Orpington and the surrounding areas. it has built a natural presence through our active and engaged student community. This is a catchment area of over 1 million people.

Since 2013 have taught over 5,000 students in around 2,000 training sessions. 

I work with individuals in groups, classes, courses, retreats and personal coaching. I have taught regularly in the UK National Health Service at Darent Valley Hospital since 2014. Over 800 staff have gone through my training.

I support my local community directly and through my third sector and local community support partners.

Read some of my reviews from public websites below. you can check them out below or search for Bromley Mindfulness from anywhere in the world to see the reviews directly.


About Mindfulness-Based Resilience

You may have heard the term Resilience

Most people have a common-sense understanding of Resilience as capacity to deal well with problems, challenges and difficulties. Sometimes resilience is referred to as the ability to ‘bounce back’ or to ‘weather a storm’.

Building Personal Resilience is a life-journey. Resilient people have a number of skills that they can call on in difficult times and the evidence is that these skills can be learned.

Mindfulness-Based Resilience is a set of practices, using mindfulness meditation as the foundation, that can be learned to help us to build our personal resilience. The more we practice these techiques, the more expertise we can build in dealing well with future problems, challenges and difficulties.

These are a set of practical skills that will help you to build your personal resilience.

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£11.99 Monthly

£11.99 Monthly

£11.99 Monthly


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  • Weekly new content and guidance - The Practice of the Week.

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£11.99 Monthly

£11.99 Monthly


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£11.99 Monthly

£49.99 Monthly


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